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Arnie Garinger's
Wegener's Granulomatosis

Sometime ago, I wrote that my story needed a postlude. I figure if there is such a thing as a prelude, there must, therefore, be a postlude.

To tell you the truth, I have been actively avoiding this exercise for good reason. I am scared to death to mention anything positive knowing that all Wegeners sufferer's ultimately have relapses called "flares"

Fall (which it is now) is the anniversary of my diagnosis in 2000. I have been off the life saving (and nasty) drugs now for over a year. Right now my upper body feels nearly as strong as it did before the


onset. I am left with the following weaknesses. I can smell and taste very little. I know the difference between sweet and sour but cannot smell the coffee perking in the morning. I am quite sure that this is the result of the medication rather than the illness. Too, my legs, which once were my pride and joy in terms of strength are still quite useless. The feet are the worst feeling, half asleep all the time, very painful after extended usage (a round of golf or an hour of rototilling) and feel as if tightly wrapped with adhesive tape with bubble wrap on the bottom. This is called Peripheral Neuropathy. It sucks!!!!

However, I can now go up and down steps without hanging on the bannister and I can rise from sitting without someone pulling me up and I can play golf with a cart nearly as terribly as I ever did. I no longer take naps in the afternoon and a morning's worth of phyical work does not eliminate more work in the afternoon. Dad always said that if one hangs by his thumbs long enough he can get used to it and I guess that's the case with my feet and legs. I do yearn for that wonderful feeling I used to get each morning walking three 45 minute miles before breakfast. Maybe someday............

My projects at the farm are finished for now. Both houses are in top shape and rented. In fact, both tenants want to buy their respective places. This may come to pass because "landlording" is not for seniors who like to go South during the winter. That is when pipes freeze and snow builds on the roof and it is best to be nearby.

I cannot sit still unless it is raining hard outside. I do not let golf run my life because I begrudge the travel time to and from the course, so nine holes weekly is plenty. Without a project I get the "Heebie Jeebies"! Therefore, I recently took on the top of our barn here at the house. It took many truck loads to dispose of the years of accumlated junk. Then I had to jack up the sagging middle plus and add new supports and I have just finished covering the floor with sturdy plywood. My game plan is to make a work shop with lots of big windows for natural light. I will insulate it, install a wood burner and move my wood working and stained glass operations to it.

Another big task is nearby. We have sold 8 acres of woodland to dear friends from Florida who plan to retire here in 2005. They will be building their dream house thereon and I am to be clerk of the works and be sure the contractor's work is up to snuff.

I imagine this part of my story is very boring, but I felt the need to write it to show other sufferers that there is hope after Wegeners! My web site has been a real source of satisfaction. It has been read by thousands of people and I still get nifty e-mail every day with nice comments and requests for advice on diseases, dogs, campgrounds, saving money and love and marriage!! And here I thought I had had my 15 minutes of fame when my goat butted Grandma off the front porch when I was 10!!!!

Arnie Garinger, Fall 2003, age 70

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Arnie Garinger, Fall 2003
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