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Do's and Don'ts for Prespective Marriages

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One of the keys to staying "Together" is being "Apart" enough for breathing room and revitalization!!!

If one of the partners has a jealous bone in his body, it should be broken and left without a cast!

It is impossible to make love when angry. Moral? Do not go to bed angry. Make Love!

Take only the good traits of your parents into a union. Leave those that make you crazy behind!

Long meaningfull marriages have no time for picayune bickering!

If it is possible to overlook a momentary slip-up by your partner, then it never happened!

Most problems can be solved in the bedroom. (or on the kitchen table if the kids are asleep)

Absolutely no conception until you are both certain that the marriage is forever!!

Debts are a drain causing stress and worry. Save for it...then buy it!! Buying first is a bad habit!!

Folks with pets live longer and are happier!

Laughter is infectious and Very healthy!!!

Never take yourself too seriously, No one else does, hence it is a terrible waste of your time!!

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Written by hand this Valentine's

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