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Arnie Garinger

He is one of the one in two million people who are afflicted with Wegener's Granulomatosis. He will be 70 in September and is a retired college professor and campground owner.

He is married for 45 years to Marjorie, a nationally known umpire of women's sports. They have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.

Though he cannot play a lick, Arnie is coach of the golf team at College Misericordia in Dallas, Pa.


In addition to golf he creates stained glass when he cannot be outside and has extensive flower and vegetable gardens.

Before being stricken with wegener's he was an avid walker, (three 15 minute miles daily) on the course and on the property.

To stay busy he buys and re-models old homes for rent or resale.

He loves Boxer dogs, the family's fifth being Molly who presented them with 5 beautiful puppies. (That story later)

While convalescing, he wrote the following account of his unusual illness. LIVING (& EVENTUALLY DYING) WITH w=WEGENER'S GRANULOMATOSIS. He still needs to add a postlude to it.

Picture of Arnie Garinger's Stained Glass works of art.

Arnie's stained glass works of art"

Picture of Arnie and Marge Garinger's wishing well.
"Please feel free to make a wish!"

Picture of Marge, Yule, and Barley in the garden.
"I did and mine came true!"

Picture of Arnie and Marge Garinger's beautiful vegetable and flower gardens.
"For my daddy who loved flowers"

Picture of Arnie Garinger's stained glass work of art, Swans oval plaque.

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Arnie Garinger June 7, 2002
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